Planning and organizing an event can be stressful, so let our Happy Smile Photo Booth take care of multiple items on your check list, for example:

  • Provides an unique and fun souvenir for you and your guests
  • Can be used to create a sign in book for all your guests
  • Best way to get photos of all your guests and eliminates the need for your photography to take “table shots” which every photographer dreads!  Which photo would you rather have of Aunt Jenny that you barely know but had to invite, the standard group shot or the original, fun and slightly crazy one?  :-)

Happy Smile Photo Booth rentals start at $800 and always include:

  • Unlimited color or black and white photos during your event
  • Custom logo
  • Online, optional password protected gallery to view and share the photos
  • All photos in high resolution
  • Full time attendant to make sure the happiness and smiles are freely flowing!
  • Various print sizes and copies.  We recommend printing one for your guests and one for you!

There are also tons of options to add on:

  • Video Booth Upgrade — This way your guests can leave a short video message for you before taking their photos. This upgrade includes a DVD with all the messages left by your guests.
  • Happy Memory Book — We will make a scrap book with the copies of your photos and your guest can sign this instead of sign in board or traditional guest book.
  • Happy Smile Props
  • External Monitor  with Slideshow — Add a stand and monitor that plays a continuos slideshow of all the photos taken at your event. Great way to encourage guests to get in on the fun and give some ideas of how to do it!